When you feel stressed, worried, or anxious, it’s hard to work productively. In certain situations procrastination works as a coping mechanism to keep your stress levels under control. A wise solution is to reduce the amount of stress in your life when possible, such that you can spend more time working because you want to, not because you have to.


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Long story short

Have you previously convinced yourself that you aren’t really afraid of anything…
that there are always good and logical reasons why you don’t do certain things? It would be rude to introduce yourself to a stranger.
You shouldn’t attempt public speaking because you don’t have anything to say. Asking for a raise would be improper because you’re supposed to wait until the next formal review. They’re just rationalizations, though – think about how your life would change if you could confidently and courageously do these things with no fear at all.
Self-development should really be seen as a life-long process. We should always have new goals, things to look forward to, new experiences we want to have. All of these things make us a more rounded person – and the more rounded we are, the more successful we will be.

You’ll gain confidence. The more skills you have, the more confident you’ll become.
You’ll have more to talk about when you meet others, and you’ll become more certain of your own abilities and strengths.
Own your greatness and live the exciting life that you deserve!You’ll learn new things and grow as a person. Personal development should be something you take on for yourself.
It’s more than just an investment in your career, it’s an investment in your growth, awareness, and identity.
Every time I attend a training, I always get new ideas and inspiration.You’ll gain marketable skills. Some great skills for you to learn regardless of your industry: photoshop, HTML, WordPress, Adwords, and advanced Excel. Other soft skills you gain by investing in personal development include communication, presentation, and decision-making skills. They stand out to employers and could separate you from the hundreds of other candidates.

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Time Management

The behavior pattern of procrastination can be triggered in many different ways, so you won’t always procrastinate for the same reason. Sometimes you’ll procrastinate because you’re overwhelmed with too much on your plate, and procrastination gives you an escape.

But a side effect of overemphasizing the importance of personal security in your life is that it can cause you to live reactively.
Instead of setting your own goals, making plans to achieve them, and going after them with gusto, you play it safe.
Keep working at the stable job, even though it doesn’t fulfill you. Remain in the unsatisfying relationship,
even though you feel dead inside compared to the passion you once had. Who are you to think that you can buck the system?
Accept your lot in life, and make the best of it. Go with the flow, and don’t rock the boat.
Your only hope is that the currents of life will pull you in a favorable direction.

No doubt there exist real dangers in life you must avoid. But there’s a huge gulf between recklessness and courage.
I’m not referring to the heroic courage required to risk your life to save someone from a burning building.
By courage I mean the ability to face down those imaginary fears and reclaim the far more powerful life that you’ve denied yourself.
Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of going broke. Fear of being alone. Fear of humiliation.
Fear of public speaking. Fear of being ostracized by family and friends. Fear of physical discomfort.
Fear of regret. Fear of success.

Generally speaking, the more complex the system, the more costly it is to use. The more time you spend managing your system,
the less time you’ll spend reaping the rewards of increased productivity.
Since the early 1990s, I’ve studied time management extensively, both by devouring existing knowledge on the subject and through first-hand trial and error. I’ve read a shelf full of books on time management, listened to hundreds of hours of time management audio learning, and read dozens of articles on the subject. I’ve used a variety of time management systems. I’ve used software as well as paper-based planners. If there were such a thing as a Ph.D in time management, I’ve gone through the curriculum many times over.

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