Michael Eckerman says Personal Development is a lifelong process and assessment of abilities, actions, and habits to reach a defined set goals or one ultimate goal. Personal development can also be defined as the efforts and lifestyle one installs each day that is aimed at achieving self-actualization.

Michael Eckerman says:

  • “Personal development is usually a life-long process aimed at achieving a defined ultimate goal.”
  • “Personal development requires introspection to discover one’s true desires.”
  • “Personal development is the pathway chosen to reach the goals I have set forth.”
  • “Personal development for me requires obedience to a fitness plan.”
  • “Personal development isn’t perfect, nor does it expect perfection 100% of the time.”
  • “Personal development requires doing your best at all times.”
  • “Personal development is forgiving, and allows you to pick up, right where you left off.”
  • “Through personal development, anything is possible!”


Learn How Michael Eckerman Associated Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need to Personal Development

  • Self-Actualization: Reaching full potential.
  • Becoming everything one is capable of becoming.
  • Aesthetic Needs: Need for beauty and order, creativity, design, and art.
  • Cognitive Needs The desire for knowledge and understanding. The need for meaning and predictability.
  • Esteem Needs: Feeling competent. Self-esteem and self-respect. The respect of others, family, socially and at work.
  • Love and Belongingness: Affiliation, feeling part of a group family, socially and at work. Giving and receiving trust, acceptance, affection and love.
  • Safety Needs: Feeling safe from potentially dangerous physical and psychological situations and events. Security of health, work, money, routine and familiarity
  • Physiological Needs: The basic needs of food, water, oxygen, shelter, temperature regulation, sleep, and relaxation, activity, exercise, sex.


According to Michael Eckerman, when our basic needs are met, or any of lower half of the pyramid is satisfied, we have a greater opportunity for Self-Actualization. However, it is possible to reach self-actualization without some or part of the most basic needs satisfied.