Did you see how someone manages to stay healthy and have a successful business but still has time to see a school play?
Most of us have a narrow view of success. We look at monetary terms and we compare the success of other people to our own. Michael Eckerman shares tips of how through combining all the moving parts makes financial success, possible.

Having a successful company and making millions isn’t what it is all about. Michael Eckerman says that to achieve that you need to have harmony in other aspects of your life such as family and health. Michael Eckerman shares three pieces of advice needed to manage all the moving parts of success.

  • The first step is defining everything. Success is a term different for everyone so you need to establish your goals. Be sure to choose wisely and choose what you truly want out of your life. Take your time and think about it. What is important to you now will not be important through 20 years of your life so make sure you write your thoughts down. This will be a great story and will help you define yourself both professionally and spiritually. This isn’t about what other people want for you but what you want for yourself. Write bullet points where you will define all that you want to accomplish in the months, year and decades of your life.


  • You need to be flexible in everything that you do. Make room for errors because life won’t always be as you imagine it. It is important that you overcome problems with harmony and discipline. Things won’t fall in place always as you want them so it is important to learn how to deal and overcome disappointments. Flexibility is important because without it you will drive yourself mad with negativity and never accomplish your goals. Learn how to overcome problems and keep your sanity at the same time.


  • Listening and Reading is Important, shares Michael Eckerman. When you have a busy schedule you need to make time to read because you will become stagnant in your knowledge fast. There are many brilliant ideas and thoughts in the world. People who read are truly the smartest. They can dig down and see the real guts of issues by seeing beyond.
    Being a good listener is also an important skill. Many people have never learned it well enough. It is just like reading you need to listen to be able to take in new things and fresh ideas and information as often as possible. Choosing credible sources of information to read is very important. You have to choose what to fill your mind with but make sure it is worthy of taking up space in your mind.