While many of us have been forced to live our lives conservatively, there is a large percentage of people in the 21st century who consume in excess of their needs.

Consumption relates to our carbon footprint, material items, food, and any other habit and/or item we use for our own personal intake. It also refers to the stress our lifestyle puts on the environment. How much traveling we do, how much waste we generate, or how much electricity we use, are amongst some of the ways in which we leave a carbon footprint.

Gluttony is a religious term used to describe over-indulgence or over-consumption and is, in religious terms, considered a sin. Michael Eckerman stated “For one’s personal development, learning to reduce our consumption is a lifestyle choice that is imperative to our advanced development.”

Learning how to live lean and consuming only what we need may not be realistic in its most extreme sense, but being conscious of our consumption and reducing it accordingly, is part of a solid personal development plan.

Giving in to urges which require increased consumption can be difficult especially if they’ve become addictions in our life, for example, alcohol, gambling, food, even sex, are all objects of over-indulgence with which many individuals find themselves over-consuming.

According to Michael Eckerman, when we are conscious about our consumption, over-indulgence is much less likely to occur. Careful monitoring of our daily consumption helps keep a healthy mind and body. Consciousness allows us to set limits within our consumption and gives us our own personal standards to live by.

“Living consciously can also have a profound impact on our self-worth, aiding our empowerment and taking our personal development to an advanced level” says Michael Eckerman. When we are acting and living in a positive way, we naturally feel good about ourselves. In turn we talk nicely about ourselves and to others and project positivity into the world. All of these things together help us to create a harmonious life and empower us to do more.

People who live a conscious life are at an advanced stage of their personal development. They are happy, well-adjusted individuals who cannot easily be derailed into an over-indulgence. These individuals are either close to reaching their personal goals or they have already achieved them and have ascended on to a new set of goals.