Most students start out each new semester of school with high expectations, reminds Michael Eckerman. They vision themselves being successful in their studies and school tasks but they fail to put together a realistic plan or establish a routine; that will help them to achieve success. If you don’t pay attention, the end of the semester will arrive before you know it. To achieve academic success, you must carefully manage your study time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.Here is a time management strategy for doing exactly that:

-Prepare a Term Calendar
At the start of each new mandate, before you get heavily involved in your studies or other activities, make a calendar that covers the entire time. Your term calendar can look like a regular monthly schedule, or whatever fits you requirements best, says Michael Eckerman.

-Prepare a Weekly Schedule
Unlike your term calendar, which is planned out in its entirety at the beginning of each term, your weekly schedule is ready at the start of each new week. Each Sunday sit down and prepare your weekly schedule. Although you’ll make your weekly schedule each Sunday, you should update your schedule as the week progresses and new items arrive.

-Make a Daily Schedule
You’d think a term calendar and weekly schedule would be sufficient to manage your time effectively, but they aren’t, says Michael Eckerman. You also need to prepare a daily schedule. Make a regular schedule for the next school day each evening.

One of the keys to effectively managing your study time is to start with the big picture and then work down to the smallest details. Your term calendar provides direction and instruction for accomplishing the big picture. Your weekly and daily schedules provide the detail required to achieving everything in your term plan, whereby enabling you to achieve your term goals one day and a week at a time, states Michael Eckerman.